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Planning a Family Trip to the Maldives? Important Questions to Ask Your Resort BEFORE You Book!

If you’re planning a trip to the Maldives with your family, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the resort options and possibilities. I know I was when I planned our first trip!

I’ve put together this list of questions that you may want to ask your resort, which cover topics like:

  • transport
  • accommodations
  • dining
  • amenities
  • kids club
  • health and safety
  • and more

My list doesn’t include basic questions – just those that I found were really important for us when booking specifically for the Maldives with kids. Hopefully they’ll help you think of something you may have forgotten or help you decide between resorts. Let me know if you have any questions to add.

And, enjoy your trip to the Maldives with your family!

Transport Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

What are our options for arriving at the resort? For example: seaplane OR speedboat OR domestic flight + speedboat.

Is the seaplane/domestic plane/speedboat transfer to/from Malé airport included in the room rate or at an additional fee?

What’s the latest we can arrive at Malé airport and get a seaplane flight to the resort?

Does the resort have a private lounge at the Malé seaplane terminal?

What’s the latest seaplane flight we’d be able to take to get back to the Malé airport on our departure day? This is a big one with kids because there’s a chance you’ll have a long layover in Malé, which isn’t ideal with little ones. For example, your flight out of Malé is at 10:00pm, but your resort has you take a seaplane flight at noon – not ideal. Your resort won’t be able to give you the exact time ahead of time (the schedules are set daily), but should be able to tell you when the last seaplanes typically fly from the resort each day. On our last trip, we had an 8:00pm-ish flight and we took a seaplane around 2:30, stopped at another island on the way, and had about an hour at Malé airport before our check-in opened up at 5:00pm.

Accommodations Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

Kids look at beds in hotel room in Maldives. Three small beds in a circular room. Television and desk on left. Glass doors in front of beds.
Separate living area with three beds for our boys

What are the accommodations available? For example – beach villa, beach villa with pool, over water villa, etc.

Are children allowed to stay in overwater villas? If so, what is the age minimum?

Do the overwater villas have kid-proof options? For example, high latches on doors, railings on the deck, etc.

Is there a bathtub? Good to know if you have little ones who aren’t great with showers yet.

Are extra beds added to the main bedroom or another area? It’s nice to have a separate room (or at least a room divider) for the kids.

Dining Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

Waiter smiles and gives milkshake to small boy on wooden terrace of restaurant in Maldives.
We found the staff at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi to be amazing with kids and there was a great mix of treats (like this milkshake) and delicious, healthy food for children

Do kids eat free?

Can kids eat off the adult-menu? (I found the kids menus at some resorts to be the typical chicken nuggets and french fries – fine, but I want my boys to have options to try local or non-Western foods). Is there an extra charge if they do eat from the adult menu?

Are there kid-only dining areas? Some resorts offer special dining rooms or evenings for kids while adults enjoy dinner alone.

Are there places for kids to play at any of the restaurants? At our last resort, there was a large kids play area in the buffet restaurant and all other restaurants had things to occupy the kids if they finished eating before my husband and I did (for example, they played in the sand on the beach next to our table).

Do all restaurants allow at the resorts allow kids? Are there any that have an age minimum?

Is room service available?

Is the minibar included in the room rate? If not, are there snack options available outside of mealtimes? For example, can fruit be ordered to the room? Or, is there a small shop that sells snacks?

Amenities Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

Boy snorkeling in the Maldives above a coral reef. You can see fish and the reef.
Snorkeling with my son

Can babies wear swim diapers in the swimming pool?

Are there lifeguards at the beach?

Are there lifeguards at the pool?

How deep is the water at the edge of the beach? Are there any drop offs close to the shore? Are there typically waves or is the water calm?

Are dangerous areas (like riptides) marked or flagged at the beach?

Are pool areas (for the resort and at private villas) fenced?

Which excursions and activities can children participate in? What are the costs? Will they be running when we plan to visit? Are there minimum participant numbers for the excursions to run?

Is snorkeling equipment included? If so, are there kid sizes? You may decide to bring your own snorkeling gear for your kids – my middle son really missed his full-face snorkeling mask and we’ll be sure to bring it next time.

Are life jackets provided? You may still want to bring life jackets your kids are comfortable with. Our youngest used his Puddle Jumper we brought from home.

Is the house reef easily accessible for kids? Are there guided visits to the house reef?

Are there any water slides at the resort?

Kids Club Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

Wooden floors, ceilings, furniture and toys in the open space kids club at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi resort in the Maldives.
Indoor area of the Kids Club at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi

What are the minimum and maximum ages allowed in the kids club? Can younger kids use the kids club with a babysitter? This is a big one to confirm, because some resorts require kids under the age limit to be accompanied by an adult or to use the babysitting service.

What activities are available at the kids club? Are the activities available each day or is there a schedule? Are there age limits (minimum or maximum) for any of the activities?

What are the hours of the kids club? Is it open for meals?

Can children nap at the kids club?

Do kids need to be checked-in and checked-out of the kids club by an adult? I feel comfortable letting my older boys go to and from the kids club on their own.

Health & Safety Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

Is there a doctor and/or medical clinic on the island? Can the doctor or staff prescribe medicine or only provide over-the-counter medication?

What is the procedure if a child (or adult) needs to go to the hospital?

Is the resort fogged for insects? If so, what is the schedule? What should we bring for mosquito and sandfly repellant?

Does the resort staff have first aid and CPR training?

Miscellaneous Questions to Ask Your Maldives Resort

Boy in swim trunks walks on sandy path with green bushes on each side. He holds out a bunch of fuschia colored flowers.
My boys loved staying on a barefoot (no shoes required) island

Is there a dress code for children? Is the resort barefoot, or are shoes required in some areas?

Are there opportunities for kids to experience the local culture? For example, some resorts offer local island excursions – your family can take a boat to visit a local island and its school, mosque, residents, shops, etc. Or, your resort may offer traditional Boduberu dancing and drumming.

Is there a way for kids to learn about the natural environment and sustainability in the Maldives? For example, can your kids see the water desalination plant on the island, learn about the flora and fauna of the island, participate in a cleanup of a nearby deserted island, or learn about the island’s recycling program?

How are children’s birthdays celebrated at the resort? Our son celebrated a birthday on our recent visit and the resort made him a gorgeous cake and brought it out at the end of dinner – he was thrilled!

What types of ‘kid perks’ are offered at the resort? For example, can kids get free ice cream all day? Are there special kid events offered throughout the week? Is there a kids movie night on the beach or a special talk with a naturalist offered just for children?

Are beach toys available at the resort? For example, we brought water balls and monster trucks, but next time I’ll also bring a small bucket and shovels.

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