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Three boys walking on a rocky hiking trail in a dense forest. Wooden sign on left for Staircase Rapids Loop.

Hi! We’re a family of five that spends our time in Italy, the USA, and anywhere else in the world we can make it to! We love exploring new places, cycling and hiking, trying new foods, learning about how other people live their daily lives, stopping to check out insects on the side of the road, and riding rollercoasters.

On this site, we’ll be sharing our adventures with you.

Sometimes they’ll be places we’ve been to many times – and other times they’ll be places we’ve visited for the first time. For the latter, you’ll often read about things we’d do differently, and how we experiences the place as a first-time visitor. I (mamma) am an obsessive researcher and planner, so I’ll also share why we chose to do what we did.

I’ll also share trips I (mamma) take on my own or with my husband, and trips I take with just one or two of our children.

We don’t have a set travel style – sometimes we travel on a tight budget, sometimes we splurge, and we’re usually somewhere in between.

I hope you enjoy reading – as we GO on adventures, SEE new places, and LEARN about this amazing world of ours!

Buon viaggio!

-Mamma, Papà, M, L, & G

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