Boy with red backpack walks on a dirt trail in a lush, green forest. He's carrying a wooden walking stick.

Quick Guide to the Hoodsport Storybook Loop Trail for Kids

Are you in the Hoodsport area and looking for a kid-friendly hiking trail? I’ve got one for you!

The Hoodsport Loop trail has a small loop option called the Storybook Loop trail that’s perfect for a fun and whine-free walk with little kids in the gorgeous Olympic National Forest!

Let’s take a quick look at the trail, including:

  • what the Storybook trail is and who will enjoy it
  • how to get to the trailhead
  • the parking situation
  • what the loop is like (terrain, timing, the story, etc)
  • what to do nearby with kids

The Hoodsport Storybook Trail – Basics

The Hoodsport Trail has a couple of loops – the Upper Loop is 1.5 miles, and the Lower Loop is .5 miles.

The Lower Loop (.5 miles) is now known as the ‘Storybook Trail’ because the local library in Hoodsport has helped to set up a book that can be read along the trail. There are stations for each page of the book so you can read as you walk. It’s a perfect way to engage toddlers and small children on the trail!

The story changes seasonally, so you can come back and find a new one.

How to Get to the Hoodsport Storybook Trail

From Hoodsport, take Highway 119 until you get to the Lake Cushman Golf Course entrance (on the left). Keep your eye on the right side of the road for the dirt entrance to the trailhead parking lot on the right. You can see it in the photo below:

Wooden sign for Lake Cushman Golf Course with red graphic circle on right around entrance to a trailhead. Large trees all around.
The trailhead is on the right side of the road (red circle), just after the entrance to the golf course

Parking at the Storybook Trail

Just after turning off the main road, there’s a small gravel/dirt parking lot. You can park for free.

On the Storybook Trail

The trailhead, on the left side of the parking lot, is well-marked.

It’s a mostly-flat dirt trail. There are a couple of small ups and downs that help give little kids a sense of accomplishment. It’s mostly shaded, but there are a few places that are a little bit more exposed to the sun.

You’ll see ferns, old stumps, moss, and towering trees. You can hear the wind in the trees, the water flowing down the creek, and birds singing up high.

Highlights for our family include:

  • reading the story!
  • checking out the unfurling ferns
  • looking for slugs and bugs
  • walking over the wooden bridges
  • throwing leaf ‘boats’ into the creek and watching them sail away

On my recent walk on the Storybook Loop, my 3-year-old and I spent 50 minutes on the trail.

Tips for Walking the Hoodsport Storybook Trail

Child's hand touches fern in the forest.

Take a photo of the map at the trailhead. The trail is well-marked, but you can refer back to it to make sure you don’t end up on the Upper Loop.

The bridges aren’t very high above the creek, but they don’t have good railings, so stay close to your small kids (they could easily fall off). Also, be cautious of the wood – it’s splinter paradise.

Use the toilet (on the right side of the parking lot) before you begin your walk.

Leave your stroller in the car. The trail is not stroller-friendly.

You can have a snack along the trail or take a break at the picnic tables on the edge of the parking lot.

I hope you enjoy walking the Hoodsport Storybook trail with your little one! If you’re looking for more kid-friendly hikes nearby, be sure to check out the Staircase Rapids Loop and the Big Creek Loop.

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Mother and son pose on the dirt trail in a lush green forest.
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